The leaves are falling and you've probably had at least one Pumpkin Spice Latte (hopefully you got it somewhere locally, like Sefton Coffee Co.) Soon the days will be getting shorter and we'll all be ooohing and aaahing at Tacky Lights and getting ready for Krampusnacht.

Until then, we've got 10 Richmond Sweater Weather Beers for you to enjoy as the leaves turn. Some of these will be available later in the Fall, but all will out before the end of the holiday season.

1. El Duderino - Center of the universe - available 11/3

Eight different malts and whole vanilla beans create flavors of chocolate and espresso in this decadent chocolate milk stout named after the greatest slacker of all time. Check out the release party at the Broadberry Nov. 3 featuring Jackass Flats performing the Big Lebowski Soundtrack.


2. 'The Bribe' Oatmeal Porter - Isley Brewing - available now!

Isley thinks this oatmeal porter can save your soul from a Norse goddess. Notes of coffee and chocolate combine in this 6.6% ABV porter that will definitely warm your belly. We can't, with any certainty, say how it will contribute to your dealings with Norse goddesses in the matter of souls; probably couldn't hurt to down a few in their Scott's Addition tasting room, though.

3. imperial brown ale - legend brewing - available now!

Legend, Central VA's oldest and largest craft brewery, brewed this bolder and more robust version of their best-selling Legend Brown to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Released in April, we think this 8.3% ABV brown ale with seven types of barley malt that yield a deep, rich body evoking biscuit, caramel, chocolate and coffee flavors is still perfect for sipping while listening to that worn out copy of "Astral Weeks" you've been spinning since the first day of September.

4. Short Pump Saison Virginia Farmhouse Ale - Lickinghole Creek - Available Now!

We know, we know: cold weather beers are supposed to taste like a boozy breakfast. So why are we putting a Saison on this list?

We're putting it here because Lickinghole Creek sits on a 260-acre farm and the most wonderful season of all is no excuse to ignore a good beer. Short Pump Saison scored a 90 on Beer Advocate, earning it an “Outstanding” Saison / Farmhouse Ale rating.

5. cairns' wee heavy - Midnight Brewery - Available Now!

This seasonal offering is Midnight Brewery’s annual tribute to the Cairns family’s Scottish heritage. Intense malt sweetness is balanced by a subtle, spicy hop note. Pairs well with roast pork, sausage, or bread pudding; or haggis if you really want to get into the spirit.

6. zen - rusty beaver brewery - available now!

Zen is a mashup, or a mixture, of their Smashed Bastard and Quake Stout brews. The Smashed Bastard is an easy drinking session beer, while the Quake Stout is brewed with a Malt bill of English Muttons Pearl Pale Malt, Black and Chocolate Malt with a hop bill of Magnum, Cascade and Williamette.

7. woodbooger - strangeways - available now!

We can't pretend we picked this Belgian-style brown ale for any reason other than its name. It's an awesome name. Woodbooger. This beer features notes of caramel, chocolate and roasted malts with subtle traces of dark chocolate and fruit esters. But really, you're gonna have a lot of fun ordering it. Woodbooger.

8. Liberty or Death Porter - Triple Crossing Brewing - Available now!

Triple Crossing released 300 bottles of Liberty or Death at St. John's Church Sept. 27. The porter is their first-ever bottled beer. Fret not, though, the beer is on draft at their tap room. Proceeds from sales of the bottle will benefit the historic church where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech (hint: it was the one about requesting liberty or death.)

9. Mill Race Bramble - Blue Bee Cider - Available now!

We know, this isn't a beer. But, if you're wearing that Fair Isle sweater someone in your life bought you last Christmas (it looks great) and you're not drinking a hard cider, you're not doing it right. This cider infuses a cider primarily from heirloom Summer Rambo apples with bramble berries to accentuate the cider’s sharpness and fruit notes. Cider y'all.

10. gingerbread stout - hardywood - Available Nov. 8, 2 p.m.

There's probably no such thing as a perfect beer, but this one comes close that Beer Advocate gave it a 100, out of 100. They called it "freagin' Christmas in a bottle." Which probably explains why so many people in the Richmond Region are already clamoring for this one.


You're gonna need something to drink these beers out of once you get home, especially if you filled a growler. Head on over to and pick up a 2014 Fall Pint Glass.