We've got 10 things you don't want to miss at LEGO KidsFest Richmond this weekend. If you haven't gotten your tickets for KidsFest, get 'em now. Saturday is sold out and tickets for Friday and Sunday are going fast, real fast.

lego kidsfest big brick pile

1. Big Brick Pile

Who wants to swim in LEGO? Everybody, that's who. The LEGO Big Brick Pile is like one of those ball pits, with LEGO. Work on your backstroke or lay on your back and build a brick house on your tummy like an otter. It's up to you.

lego master builder


2. master builder academy booth

Does everything you build with LEGO sort of look like a square building with a collapsing roof? Don't you wish there was somewhere you could properly learn to build an imposing lair for your Lord Business mini-fig? There is! It's the Master Builder Academy Booth. Learn from the best at LEGO KidsFest.


3. Battle Brick Zone

Use your LEGO skills to build a tower faster than everyone else at the Battle Brick Zone. Or maybe use the skills you learned at the Master Builder Academy Booth to build a scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. Or just build the tallest sorta square building, every build is a winner with LEGO!

creation nation lego kidsfest

4. creation nation

Ever wanted to build an entire country out of LEGO with all your friends, and friends you didn't even know you had? Now you can! Add your masterpiece to creation nation and help fill in the entire nation over the course of the weekend at LEGO KidsFest

lego model museum

5. LEGO Model museum

Want a selfie with a life-size version of your favorite LEGO character? You can do it at LEGO KidsFest's LEGO Model Museum.

lord business

6. Lord Business

We know, he's a bad guy. But, we sort of love him anyway. He'll probably almost definitely be at LEGO KidsFest.


7. EMMET and Wyldstyle

If bad guys aren't your thing, we're pretty sure Emmet and Wyldstyle from the LEGO Movie will also be at LEGO KidsFest this weekend (you'll probably be able to get a selfie with them at the LEGO Model Museum.)

lego superheroes

8. Princesses and Superheroes, oh my

Whether you're looking for your favorite fairytale princess or your favorite comic book hero, you're going to find them at LEGO KidsFest!


9. LEGO star wars

The force is strong with you...if you come to LEGO KidsFest and answer Master Yoda's call to help the Republic build up its defenses against the Empire!

10. YOU!

LEGO KidsFest is all about you and your imagination. Come on out Friday or Sunday and turn blocks into dreams, and web slingers, princesses, and lords of business, and Jedi, and nations and a sorta square building with a collapsing roof.