Brace yourselves, winter has come. We're keeping warm in the Richmond Region by kicking back with a few beers at our favorite breweries.

Here are 5 Breweries to Hunker Down in This Winter:

Triple Crossing

We love Triple Crossing in warmer months for their sweet patio, but the inside is just as cozy when the temps drop. The space is industrial and warm with exposed brick and beams and one of the friendliest staffs in Richmond. We suggest warming up with the Vanilla Night Lands Imperial Stout.


Ardent is another spot with good outdoor space that is just as warm and friendly inside when it's too cold for food trucks in the beer garden. Drink an Earl Grey Brown Ale to feel all warm and toasty.


Hardywood keeps people coming out for special releases, even when it's too cold to stand outside. If you're not waiting for the next small-batch release from these mad scientists of brewing, the tap room at Hardywood has enough space for larger parties and intimate gatherings. Also, as of yesterday, Gingerbread Stout is on tap!


Pinball. Vintage arcade machines. Beers off the beaten path. Do you need anything else? The BOOM! Choc-O-Lotta Chocolate Lager will definitely warm up your belly.

Garden Grove

Garden Grove is serving a collaboration brew to benefit the Tricycle Gardens called CHILI & THE CHOCOLATE FACTOR. Just read this description - chocolate chili-pepper porter with a mild, pleasing heat that builds over time; featuring ancho, pasilla, and fresh anaheim peppers grown at Tricycle Gardens Urban Farm in Manchester.



Ok, it's not a brewery but it's the Best Beer Bar in America a few years running and you can have Vietnamese food with one of the most comprehensive tap and bottle lists in the country.

Growlers to Go

Growlers to go isn't a brewery either, but if you want to curl up under a blanket in your jimjams and watch Netflix and chill, fill up a growler of local favorites or national powerhouses at Growlers to Go.