Did you make it to LEGO KidsFest last year? Think you've seen it all?


You haven't.


This year's KidsFest is bigger and better and full of 100% more LEGO Movie. Very few tickets for Sunday remain. We suggest getting them now before you finish reading this post. Get 'em here.


Got your tickets? Good. Here's just a small sample of the new stuff you're going to see at KidsFest.


1. EMmet and Wyldstyle

Emmet and Wyldstyle are everywhere at KidsFest. They're in the model museum, they're in the LEGO Movie area. And, they're walking around. You can actually meet them at KidsFest!

Lord Business LEGO KidsFest

2. lord business

Lord Business is making his KidsFest debut at Richmond. You've got to see him. He's huge. Look at the photo. The photo doesn't do it justice. You have to see it in person.

lego disney princess kidsfest

3. LEGO Disney princess

Create Your Own Fairytale! Build and create your own magical scene, add it to the LEGO storybook and build up the enchanted Disney Princess universes!     

spider man lego kidsfest

4. Spider man Photo Opportunity

Who doesn't want a photo with your friendly neighborhood Spider Man? Seriously, who doesn't? We know these people must exist, but we want a picture with Spider Man. You probably do too. Get one at KidsFest

ninjago lego kidsfest

5. Ninjago

Build, your Ninja, choose your weapon, then go head to head against your friends, family or fellow LEGO KidsFest attendees... Ninja GO!

Bonus Things!

There are too many new things to fit in a list of five...and we're just brushing the surface here.

mixels lego kidsfest

6. Mixels

Meet the Mixels and build your own! These mischievous little creatures, who mix and combine in unpredictable ways, always seem to stir up crazy and hilarious adventures.

lego movie kidsfest

7. All the Rest of the LEGO Movie stuff

Everything is awesome at LEGO KidsFest and a lot of the awesome comes from the LEGO Movie. There's just too much LEGO Movie stuff here to list.


We'll have a post early next week with more photos. Go get your tickets for Sunday before they sell out!