RVA Burger Week is back for its third year. RVA Burger week is a magical week running June 22 - June 28. You can eat your way across the Richmond Region at five bucks a pop and burger by burger. Here are 5 Reasons RVA Burger Week is the Best Week.

1. The Burgers

RVA Burger Week is a glorious week of $5 burgers at some of your favorite restaurants in the Richmond Region.





2. The Passport

Style Weekly put together a passport that you can take along on your RVA Burger Week adventures. Obviously, a true champion will try to get every stamp on the passport. But, you only need to have you passport stamped three times to potentially win a $200 gift card. That's like 40 burgers!



















3. The Korean Cowboy

We already mentioned the burgers, but the rest of this list is gonna be made up of some burgers we're particularly stoked about. First up the Korean Cowboy at the Family Meal: Cold smoked beef and pork burger with cheddar, thinly sliced pork belly, ssam sauce, quick pickled kimchi and a onion ring on a potato bun. The burger takes a quick dip in a thinner Korean BBQ sauce before getting grilled.





savory grain rva

4. The Savory Burger

The Savory Burger at Savory Grain looks amazeballs: Angus chuck, brisket and short rib; char-grilled with gouda cheese, smoked tomato aioli, baby arugula and tomato.





5. The Greg Brady

We can't even withe Greg Brady at Jack Brown's. Look at this thing: 100% Wagyu beef burger topped with house made mac n’ cheese and Martin’s BBQ potato chips.