Summer is winding down and the afternoons of lazy river floats, baseball games and romps in the park are coming to an end. However, there still is enough time to fit in a festival or two, and the granddaddy of them all, the Carytown Watermelon Festival, will be celebrating its 32 year of food, family, and fun this Sunday, August 9th. Here are five reasons why the 32nd annual Carytown Watermelon Festival is fun for all ages!


Over 115,000 people flock to Carytown every year for this enormous street festival, largely in part for its namesake: the watermelon! The sweet summer staple is here in abundance, for sale at various stands throughout the festival while you walk from the top of Carytown to the Boulevard.

Family Friendly

While the Watermelon Festival caters to all ages, kids will especially enjoy this yearly summer event. An enormous kid’s play area will be present, stocked with bouncies, games, mazes, face painting and other fun activities for children to enjoy throughout the day. Cary Street is shut down from start of the festival to the finish, so kids have freedom to roam with their parents to the various activities throughout the historic stretch of Richmond road!

Retail Therapy

Want to cool off from the August heat and have some retail therapy at the same time? Carytown, which is known as a popular shopping and dining district in the Richmond Region, will be ready for the influx of people looking to enjoy a break from the heat and perhaps a new keepsake from the dozens of unique shops and stores along the Cary Street stretch. What goes better with eating then shopping?

State Fair Treats in the Street

All guests should come hungry to the Watermelon Festival; food vendors will be pushing their fried, sweet, and international treats (as well as everything in between) in your direction throughout the day! Festival regulars like corn dogs and funnel cakes as well as delicious deserts and even full lunches like fresh gyros and barbecue all served up from local Richmond Region food vendors will be for sale throughout the day across the entire festival grounds.

Live Music

The Watermelon Festival is a sensory experience; thousands of people enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of a sunny Carytown afternoon. Please your ears while chowing on melon and enjoy one of the dozen of musical acts spread across numerous stages, including the Nacho Mama’s stage, Juice Stage, Melon Stage, and XL 102 Main Stage!

Michael J. Hippchen is a freelance writer based out of Richmond, VA. Michael has a passion for good bourbon, a firm cigar, live music, and copious amounts of black coffee.