Music lovers rejoice! The 2015 Richmond Folk Festival is almost here; you know, the annual gigantic three-day music, art, dance, and food festival that hosts over 100,000 people every October in downtown Richmond for all to enjoy. - all free to attend. Here are five reasons that everyone should go to the Richmond Folk Festival October 9-11th:

International Flavor

Folk music, dance, and art should tell a story, and that’s what each of the over 40 different performers over seven different stages will be doing at this years Festival. Singers, dancers, performers, and artists from countries and regions ranging from Cambodia to Bolivia to Russia to the Appalachian Mountains will be exhibiting their talents and stories from their culture during this multi-day party.

Music Exposure

For those of us that don’t know our sitar from our didgeridoo, the Folk Festival is a great opportunity to see musical acts and culturally specific instruments that Virginians might never have an opportunity to see. The Folk Festival allows visitors to be exposed to not only different musical styles, but also a newfound appreciation for being different.

Feed Me!

Tacos and gyros and dumplings, oh my! The Folk Festival is an all day event, and the thousands of attendees will indeed get hungry. Over 30 different local Richmond Region savory and sweet vendors will be sprinkled throughout the Festival grounds, in addition to craft beer tents and speciality wine vendors.


Every year, the Richmond Region eagerly awaits the release of that year’s Folk Festival Poster. Truly a collectors item, the annual Folk Festival poster, along with dozens of not just local, but international artists use the Festival stage to show off their wares and expose their talents to the masses. Support local artists and make sure to bring your wallet and take home a special piece after a long day of music.

Family Friendly

Come one, come all! The CarMax Family Area will provide fun for people of all ages, with craft making, live music, relay races and even some animals. For parents, remember there are craft beer and wine tents!



Michael J. Hippchen is a freelance writer based out of Richmond, VA.  Michael has a passion for good bourbon, a firm cigar, live music, and copious amounts of black coffee.