Richmond 2015 is going to be a big deal. Half a million cycling fans from all over the world are going to descend up on the Richmond Region in September to watch the world's elite cyclists race. Are you one of those folks? We've got good news, now you can ride or run the same course as the pros! Here are 5 reasons you don't want to miss Conquer the Cobbles!


1. It's the Same Course as the Pros

Think about that. You'll get to run or ride a 10 mile course the pros will be riding a few days later. It's like playing on Lebron's court, kicking around on Messi's pitch, or using Tom Brady's needle to deflate some footballs! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and the riding event is limited to 2,000 entrants.

2. Announcers and atmosphere

The race will have live announcers and, let's face, it there's probably gonna be a lot of people watching since there are going to be about half a million people in town looking for any action on the race. Whether you're a hobbyist, a Cat 5 racer with dreams or a season semipro rider, this is your chance to see what it feels like to be an elite rider.

3. The Hill

There's no doubt that Libby Hill is going to be the highlight of Richmond 2015. It's going to offer some of the best views of the race and some of the most intense action. And, you'll get to climb it as part of Conquer the Cobbles.


4. Free T-shirt

Who doesn't like a free t-shirt?

5. The options

Coming from afar and don't want to pack your bike? Bring some shoes! That's all it takes to participate in Conquer the Cobbles. You can run the course. Or, if you're local or you're bringing your bike you can ride. You can also ride and run. Everyone wins!



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