You're coming into town for the country's friendliest marathon November 15. Yay, we're very excited to see you! You're probably gonna carb load at one of our great restaurants (and afterward at one of our breweries for "recovery") and maybe do a little shopping and tour some historical sites.

You're probably going to want to get in at least one quick, easy run before the race. Here are 5 Richmond Routes to check out while you're in town.

1. Monument Ave

This 10K jaunt will take you past statues of Confederate generals and gorgeous houses. It's a flat, easy and scenic run.

2. Buttermilk/Belle Isle/North Bank

If you're gonna do this run before the race, take it easy. Sections of the North Bank trail can be pretty steep. Still, this run is beautiful and feels like Narnia at times before the trail opens to give you breathtaking views of the James River.

3. William Byrd Park

This quick one miler can be expanded to add even more of Byrd Park (check out the paddleboats on the pond, the Carillion, Dogwood Dell, the dog park) or Monument Ave. Or you can take it easy since you might be running as many as 26.2 miles very soon.

4. Pocahontas State Park

This 5k route through quiet woods is the perfect prep route for an urban marathon.

5. The Ultimate Tour of Richmond History and Everything

Seriously, you're going to run a marathon, a half or an 8k....there's no reason to do this run. But, we know how some of you are and we know you're gonna do it anyway if you want. Here's a half route we found that will take you through about 400 years of our history. Have fun!

Check out our web site for food and liquid carbs (beer) after the run.