The Richmond Region is crazy for beer, for art, for everything. We're a gem on the James with street art, one of the best museums on the country that's always free and always open in the VMFA, 12 breweries with more opening every day and a creative class that are constantly making new things and opening new stores and breathing life into businesses.

It's an exciting time to visit, live and work in the Richmond Region!


1. Stone Brewing

We did it! Stone Brewing picked the Richmond Region as the new location of its first East Coast facility. This is a big one because it means beer, it means a restaurant and it means jobs. It also means that beer lovers from all over the place are going to trek to stone only to find out....

2. We have Awesome local and old

Stone has said they want to be part of the community here in Richmond, and we're pretty stoked about that because we've got a good thing going with our 12 brewers. We're excited to see what our friends at Center of the Universe, and Hardywood, and Ardent and newcomers like 7 Hills come up with in the new year.

3. THE VMFA in 2015

Van Gogh, Manet and Matisse in March. Rodin in November. Yes please.

4. Street art!

The RVA Street Art Festival is back and it's moving across the river to Manchester. 2015 means another year for the Richmond Mural Project! We can't see what they come up with.

5. Shopping! And Making!

So much shopping in Richmond. Rosewood Clothing Co. just opened in Jackson Ward. Blue Bones Vintage and Yesterday's Heroes and Addison Handmade and Na Nin are still awesome. Shockoe Denim is now Shockoe Atelier and they're gonna be making amazing clothing now too and Ledbury is still Ledbury in all its Ledburiness and Need Supply is going to make 2015 in the Richmond Region amazing.

Come see us already!