It's hard to argue that 2014 was anything other than the year of food in the Richmond Region. Seriously, people went nuts for our grub. Departures Magazine called us the "Next Great American Food City" and CNN just said we were an "Up and Coming Foodie Destination."


We couldn't be more excited to see what 2015 brings to the region in the culinary realm. Let's talk about some stuff we're already looking forward to!


1. More From Old Favorites

Pasture, Stella's, Peter Chang, Rappahannock, Chez Foushee (you should be reading these as the lyrics to "We Didn't Start the Fire". Go back and start over if not...we'll wait.) Mama J's, Proper Pie, Sub Rosa Bakery...

The Richmond Region has amazing restaurants from one end of Chesterfield Co. out to Henrico. Whether you're searching out legit tacos on Midlothian Turnpike, eating Ethiopian at Addis in Shockoe Bottom or getting fancy at Lemaire, there's really something for everyone here. We look forward to eating at our favorites all year long and finding new ones.

2. New Food! New Food!

The year already started out with a bang in the Richmond Region with the opening of GWARbar. We're up for anything that combines excellent food with our favorite Jerry Springer guests of all time.


Grandstaff and Stein, a speakeasy, is set to open in March!


Even though it's been open since November, Southbound, from Chef Lee Gregory & Chef Joe Sparatta still feels new enough to include here.

3. Festivals!

Broad Appetit in June. Graze on Grace in the Fall. Hogtober, Lebanese Food Festival, Jewish Food Festival, Armenian Food Festival, Oktoberfest, Bacon Festival, Oystoberfest...and so many more. We do food, we do festivals in the Richmond Region.

4. Fire, Flour and Fork Fifteen!


The first Fire, Flour and Fork was a huge deal. The food was amazing. The lectures were delicious. The dinners were crazy. The tent! Did you go to the tent? It was all awesome. This year's event, October 29 to November 1, is gonna be more of the same, but more and probably better.

5. Richmond Burger Beatdown Round 2!

It seems like only yesterday that we took your suggestions and drew up a bracket and spent two months deciding who has the best burger in all of Richmond before we crowned Brux'l the winner. Next year we're gonna do it again. It's gonna be bigger, it's gonna be crazier and, most of all, it's gonna be much shorter.