Forbidden City: Imperial Treasures from the Palace Museum, Beijing opens to the public Saturday. We were super, super lucky to get a sneak peek at the exhibit.


Here are 5 things we discovered at the Forbidden City:

forbidden city vmfa

1. Funny Hats

Among the 200 exquisite pieces from the largest art museum in China, you're gonna see some stunning funny hats. You're gonna see funny hats in portraits, on statues and the funny hats themselves. It's a funny hat connoisseur's dream exhibit.


2. It's more than an exhibit

It's a cultural exchange between the VMFA and Palace Museum that began in 2011. The VMFA will be the first American museum to exhibit at the Palace Museum in 2016 when its renowned Faberge collection travels to China.

3d printing vmfa

3. 3d printing

We're still not sure how 3d printing works. We think it's some weird combination of a toothpaste tube, magic and sculpture. But, you can watch as scale models of the over 900 buildings that make up the Palace Museum are printed and assembled into a tiny version.

pandas vmfa gift shop

4. Pandas in the gift shop

The gift shop has a whole section dedicated to pandas. That is all.

5. This is a really big, huge deal

You won't be able to see a collection like this unless you travel to China. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see treasures of the Palace Museum right here in one of the best museums in the entire country. You have until January.

Bonus things!

dragons vmfa

6. Thar be dragons

So many awesome dragons at this exhibit.

horse vmfa

7. Thar be horses too

So many good horses.


You've got until January folks. Don't miss this exhibit.


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