Valentine's Day was trending on Twitter yesterday and it seemed like a good excuse to push out a guide for the amorous among us in the Richmond Region.

Here are 5 Ways to Get Ready for Your RVAlentines Day

1. Make a Reservation

Valentine's falls on a Saturday this year. Make a reservation now! We just checked Lemaire, at the Jefferson and they're already booked up. Your favorite restaurant might be doing a prix fixe menu and they may not, but reserve anyway because it's your favorite restaurant. Here are some cozy favorites of ours if you're not sure where you wanna go yet: the Roosevelt, Metzger, Stella's, Peter Chang China Cafe or the Boathouse.


2. Get a Gift

Garnett Jewelry makes jewelry by hand in the RVA and sells it affordable prices.

Pick up a growler at the Valentine Gift shop (get a Meat Juice shirt too if there are any left) fill it with local beer.

Get some locally made chocolates from Chocolates by Kelly!

3. Get off the Beaten Path!

You didn't schedule your reservation did you? Well, since there's nowhere to eat now and you've utterly failed your significant other, that gal/guy from Tinder you spent all night chatting with so it wasn't weird when you made plans for Valentine's Day, you're gonna have to get creative.

Luckily we're here.

Have a winter picnic. Set up a blanket overlooking the river in Libby Hill or near Historic Tredegar. We'll actually have a series of these off-the-beaten-path dates in the run up to Valentine's Day, so stay tuned (and subscribe at the bottom of this post.)

4. Get Gussied Up

Visit any number of the vintage stores in the Richmond Region before your date. Go out in period-wear from Bygones Vintage in Carytown (at the very least stop in and see their immaculately dressed staff). If you can't find classy duds there or you're looking for something contemporary or you utterly failed in the gift department, Short Pump Town Center has you covered.


5. Night Cap

We in no way shape or form condone drinking in public, but filling a flask with a Belle Isle Moonshine concoction or Blue Bee Cider or some local beer and sipping it with your sweetheart while watching the water in the James roll over the rocks seems like a pretty great way to cap off a date to us. The Roosevelt, Saison, Amuse, Rappahannock and Heritage all have pretty great cocktails too if you want to go that route.

Stay tuned for our creative date ideas, and subscribe now so you don't miss a thing!