So lumbersexuals have become a thing over the past two weeks or so and since we here at aren't ones to ignore trends, or totally exploit them for traffic, we're giving you a Lumbersexual (gift) Guide to Richmond!


Whether you're coming into the Richmond Region to visit family this month for the holidays, or in a few months to take a dunk in the river, chances are you know someone with a beard, that shaved-head-on-the-side 40's haircut and a healthy collection of flannel; a lumbersexual. Or, you might just be one yourself.


Here are the places to go, the things to gift and all the magic you and your beard will find in the Richmond Region.


1. Addison Street

Every lumbersexual needs flannel, preferably a vintage Pendleton and maybe a Woolrich Mackinaw to go over it in the cooler months. Addison St. is the perfect first stop on a Lumbersexual tour of Richmond, especially if you need to pick up gifts.


Yesterday's Heroes Vintage

This shop has a healthy collection of vintage flannels, Left Field Denim and any number of small items that would make great gifts for the axe toting, pomaded lumbersexual in your life.


Addison Handmade & Vintage

Right next door to Yesterday's Heroes, Addison stocks men's vintage and a variety of small items that would be perfect gifts. We recommend Duke Cannon Big Ass Bar of Soap in the white box or a locally-made Square Trade Goods Campfire-scented candle.

addison handmade and vintage


Na Nin Studio

Na Nin Studio focuses on women's clothes and carries some of the loveliest, drapey items you'll find in all of Richmond. There are gifts to be found here, though, if you're not of the Lumbersexual persuasion and you can stop shopping for yourself. We recommend handmade cutting boards from Arbor.



2. The Fan

Belmont Butchery

Lumbersexuals live on a diet of smoked meats and woodchips. We made that up, but the lumbersexual in your life would most certainly love a gift of charcuterie, a meat cut t-shirt or a mug made by a butcher at Belmont Butchery.

belmont butchery mug


High Point Barber Shop & Shave Parlor

Your lumbersexual has a beard...and hair. You have a beard...and hair. High Point is the place for you, for service and gifts. Get your lumbersexual some beard oil or a badger brush and some puck soap for their once-yearly shave. They've also got gift cards. Go 'head, get 'em a gift card.

high point barbershop gift card


3. The Wilderness

REI - Short pump

The Richmond Region's got urban trail miles, class IV rapids and all the business any self-respecting lumbersexual needs to get their boots muddy and wet in. You're gonna need gear to tackle all those challenges, though, and you might as well get started at REI (then pop over to whole foods for some quinoa.)

pocahontas state park

Once you're, or your lumbersexual, are geared up, hit the trails out in Pocahontas State Park. Take your bike, or your bandanna-wearing dog, and walk or ride in this amazing setting.

pocohantas state park