Richmond 2015 is just around the corner.


Chances are you like to ride if you're coming to watch the best cyclists in the world compete. We're going to give you some maps of our best off road courses (when in Rome) and some guides to get around while you're in the city.


Up first we have map of the North Bank and Buttermilk trails. These trails are classic single track affairs and can be challenging in spots (if you're a beginner, stick to Belle Isle, Dogwood Dell and Forest Hill.)


We've marked access points, parking, and even a spot to pull off a the trail and take a swim, on this hand dandy map. Need a bike? Check out Spinlister or Riverside Outfitters.


Don't wanna ride? These are mixed use trails and you'll see lots of fellow walkers out there. Just listen for shouts of "rider up!", that means a bike is headed your way.


Here's your first Bike Race Ride Route: Off road (and hiking) the North Bank and Buttermilk Trails.