The Halloween season is coming to a close. You've only got a few days left to check out all the spooktacular attractions in the Richmond Region. We've rounded up 5 of the best here to help you have a howling good time.


1. Kings Dominion Halloween Haunt

KD is your one-stop shop for all things scary. They've got your rides, your haunted attractions, your live shows and your Halloween-themed dining options. They do it right at King's Dominion.


2. Kings Dominion Planet Spooky

This is, admittedly, lazy list making any sort of a cheat, but little kids need Halloween too. Let's be honest, you need somewhere to take your little ones dressed in the costume you picked out before it's all Thomas the Train or Frozen costumes, too. This is the perfect place to show off that Twin Peaks costume that the kid, and all of your friends, don't understand.

3. Blood Lake Haunted Trail

Blood Lake Haunted Trail makes the list because of their unequivocally awesome name and they make no bones about what they're up to in Midlothian: "Blood Lake is family friendly (we would love to scare the crap out of your entire family."

4. Haunted Evenings at Ashland Berry Farm

This attraction sounds almost quaint. It's not "Bloody Massacre Super Haunt at Ashland Berry Farm." It's "Haunted Evenings." Don't let the title fool you, though. They've got something called Booger Woods, an asylum attraction, and a new 3d Sinister Sideshow. They've also got admission coupons on their site because that is just sensible.

5. Haunts of Richmond Tour

Haunts of Richmond has been giving tours for a decade. They know the eeriest corners of Richmond. They offer three tours of Richmond's oldest and most haunted hoods. You can also book a private, haunted bar tour.