mSummer is winding down and before we know it visitors to the Richmond Region will be bundled up in cozy sweaters and oohing and ahhing at tacky lights. But, while the weather is still sweltering and the river still running fast with kayakers, rafters and swimmers, we thought we’d give you five iced coffees to grab before the leaves turn.

1. BLACK HAND COFFEE CO. - Despite the imposing name (Black Hand was a secret military society involved in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which basically started WWI), this is a welcoming and friendly shop – that’s one of their baristas in the first image. Black Hand is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood on Patterson Ave. and they roast beans from Indonesia, Costa Rica, and Brazil in house each morning. Why not take your iced coffee for a stroll on the grounds of the nearby VMFA?

2. MONUMENT CITY COFFEE AND RECORDS (EDIT - Monument has since closedMonument City is a coffee shop and a record store because that’s how the Richmond Region rolls. This combination of vinyl and coffee is a perfect fit for the shop’s Grace Street outpost. They also happen to make a spectacular Iced Coffee. Their special twist is to make the ice cubes out of coffee the night before, ensuring that your coffee never waters down in the summer humidity.

3. Sefton Coffee Co. - Stepping into Sefton Coffee Co. at 24 N. 8th St. feels like stepping inside a delicious, minty cupcake. The shotgun space, with its high tin ceilings, tasteful appointments and counters handmade by owner Jennie Skinner, is a triumph in comfortable high design. It’s also got some pretty great coffee. Skinner makes all the flavoring, powders and syrups, on site. The shop features a rotating menu of hot and cold drinks (a malted iced coffee was on the menu recently.)

 4. Urban Farmhouse – With three locations in Church Hill, Shockoe Bottom and Midlothian, Urban Farmhouse is easy to pop into and grab an iced coffee no matter where your Richmond Region plans take you. Urban Farmhouse, in addition to serving fair trade iced coffee, stocks a full pantry of local goods from wine to craft beer and local sauces and cider.

5. ROSTOV’S COFFEE & TEA - Rostov’s has been in the coffee, and tea, business for over 35 years. The shop at 1618 West Main St. roasts over 1,500 pounds of coffee on site using a Jabez-Burns roaster from the 1930s. The iced coffee at Rostov’s is cold brewed overnight in a concentrated toddy. You can take a two-week supply with you for about five bucks!