Richmond 2015 is going to be a big deal. The UCI Road World Championships are cycling's premier event and they're being held here in Richmond! Want to be more than a spectator? Want to be a part of this huge event? Want to get close to the action? Here are four reasons you should volunteer at Richmond2015:

access to the action

The only way you could get closer to the Richmond2015 action is by slapping on some spandex and an aerodynamic helmet and riding in the race yourself. Being a race marshal puts you right next to everything. You'll be on the course!

free t-shirt

We're assuming you're gonna get a free t-shirt because the volunteer page says this, "all volunteers will be required to wear the event apparel provided by the organizers."


flexible scheduling

only wanna work a few of the races? Richmond2015 is totally cool with that. They've got a fancy scheduling system where you can request the hours and race you want to work.

Once-in-a-lifetime race

The UCI Road World Championships haven't been on US shores since 1986. Who knows when it's gonna be back again. This is your chance to be a part of a huge event.


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