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We’re looking for a personal side of the Richmond Region. We want to see how you live in the RVA. We want you to show travelers and tourists everything that makes the region exciting, delicious and generally awesome.


Our next guest Instagrammer is howtokim, or Kim Anderson. Kim was born and raised in Richmond, lived in NYC for over a decade, and lives in DC now.


We asked her about the things she loves in the RVA:


What is your favorite thing about Richmond?

The art explosion that is currently happening! I love seeing murals and art galleries popping up everywhere! Especially repurposing old factories and fire stations into art spaces, or making the building itself art while making it home to cozy neighborhood bars and coffee shops. I'm into it.

What is your favorite thing to photograph in Richmond?

Art! Wall art specifically. Whether that is ghost signs, or murals I love it. RVA's mural project is positively blowing me away right now. It's right up there with NYC. Even better than DC's. Amazing! I also have an affinity for photographing awesome signage and moody street scenes.

What is the theme of your takeover?

Signs of RVA past. Focusing on the faded ads or "ghost signs" that serve as beautiful reminders of a simpler time in commercial advertising. Also including signs of businesses past (like St Somewhere and Miller and Rhodes) What if we could restore them all? Maintaining the original worn beauty while making them more vibrant and eye catching? I'd go see that if I was a tourist. :) I love a great story.

What is the one thing you take friends to see when they visit?

The RVA mural project! Trying to locate every single one is a fun chore. Also Belle Isle or anything to do with the river. Carytown too! You can spend a wandering day vintage/thrift shopping, have a great meal at and wine at Secco, get some Sweetfrog, go digging for vinyl at Plan 9, and see a movie at the Byrd.

What is the one place you take friends to eat when they visit?

Pasture is a fave right now. Near Centerstage downtown. The winner is the Brussels sprout, butternut squash dish. I die! So good! Love the broccoli side dish...sunflowers and chiles....wish I could make mine taste like that! It's so upbeat and crisp in there. Good vibes. I love Fresca on Addison for the Kale salad and cauliflower pizza. Great vegan choices! I'm also digging Coriander. Armenian food? What? Yes please!


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