We're giving our Instagram account to you! Do you want it? Email us at HI@rvablog.org and tell us why you should take over our account for a week.


We're looking for a personal side of the Richmond Region. We want to see how you live in the RVA. We want you to show travelers and tourists everything that makes the region exciting, delicious and generally awesome.


Our first guest Instagrammer is Our Wander Life, or Victoria. She loves the Richmond Region. Victoria moved here in April of this year and hasn't put her camera down since.

our wander life instagram


Victoria spends a lot of her time wandering the city of Richmond and loves the charming mix of historic architecture, industrial landscape, and perfect amount of countryside. Her favorite thing, though, is the community she's found in the region.


The theme of Victoria's Instagram takeover "Things That Make RVA Great." She's going to give us an insider tour of the region with the fresh perspective of someone falling in love with a city.


Keep an eye on our account all week, follow Victoria too and check out her blog at Our Wander Life.