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Up this week is @BrianWBeard. Let’s find out who BrianWBeard is. And head to our account to see his work.

Who are you?

I'm Brian. I grew up in Florida, but I've lived in Richmond since 2009, with a one-year stint in Germany as an English teacher and tour guide in the middle. In the last year, I've become interested in taking the best photos I can with just my smartphone. I don't have any previous photography experience, but practice and trying new things can go a long way.

What is your favorite thing about Richmond?

The city's personality, and the Fan district, in particular. It really feels like people are proud to be here, and want to make it an awesome place to live. I also love that there is so much going on in a bike-able area.

What is your favorite thing to photograph in Richmond?

I haven't done a lot of it yet, but I'm really looking forward to taking photos of the numerous bridges over the James. Each has something unique, plus the backdrop varies from bridge to bridge. What is the theme of your takeover?

"Maymont." All of these photographs were taken in a single day at Maymont. I went just a few weeks ago, so it was pretty cold outside, and the park was nearly empty. I think Maymont is worth the trip (and it's free!) any time of year, and I hope these photos demonstrate that. What is the one thing you take friends to see when they visit?

Carytown, for its uniqueness, or Brown's Island, because RVA's downtown waterfront is worth showing off! What is the one place you take friends to eat when they visit?

Oh man, there are so many places I haven't even been to yet, that I prefer to try a new restaurant when someone comes to visit. But if I have to go back to something, I'll choose Don't Look Back. The tacos are great, and I like the atmosphere. What is your favorite free thing to do in the city?

Festivals! Richmond has a lot of them (Folk, RiverRock, St. Patrick's Day, Friday Cheers, Watermelon,…)