We're still giving away the Instagram account, one week at a time. Email us at hi@rvablog.org if you want a shot. We want to see a unique side of Richmond, something tourists will want to see.


Up this week is @pikkturethis. Let's find out who Pikkturethis is:

Who are you?

I was born in England and have lived in the greater Richmond area since grade school. I’ve enjoyed being behind a camera about as long, too, starting with a Kodak Instamatic.

What is your favorite thing about Richmond?

I love Richmond’s blend of history, art, architecture and the environment – it’s everywhere! The juxtapositions make for interesting photo finds. There’s something around every corner.

What is your favorite thing to photograph in Richmond?

I enjoy photographing the beauty of RVA's urban and natural attributes. My subjects include street art, buildings, the James River and people in these settings.

What is the theme of your takeover?

“Art All Around RVA.” You can look in any direction and find something artistic and inspiring in Richmond. From a statue that honors the life and contributions of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson in Jackson Ward to local theater and dance companies to old factories given new life, art is everywhere in Richmond.

What is the one thing you take friends to see when they visit?

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It’s a fantastic blend of contemporary and traditional art. The diversity of their exhibits has recently included Picasso masterpieces, art from India and China, and photos of Elvis during his tours in Virginia.


What is the one place you take friends to eat when they visit?

Just one?! Mama Zu in Oregon Hill is a favorite for its food and authenticity. And the Indian Pastry Shop on Old Parham Road is terrific for a quick bite of Southern (India!) style cooking. Trackside Grill in Ashland does great burgers, too.

What is your favorite free thing to do in the city?

The RVA Street Art Festival. It's a must! Where else can you watch as acclaimed street artists from around the world transform blank walls into works of art? The most recent festival was held at the former GRTC bus terminal and I’m really excited about this year’s event at the Southern States silos in Manchester.