Made in RVA is an RVABlog feature where we talk to the makers, the doers, the dreamers and builders in the Richmond Region. Today we're talking to Shockoe Denim in Shockoe Bottom.

WHAT: Shockoe Denim

WHY: Luxury Jeans Handmade Right here in the RVA

Where: 13A South 15th St., Shockoe Bottom

Visitors to the Richmond Region are sure to taste locally made beer and eat food plated from farm to table. Did you know you can also go home in a pair of luxury jeans handmade in Shockoe Bottom?

You can, thanks to Shockoe Denim Jeans.

shockoe 16

Shockoe, which is celebrating its two-year anniversary in October, was born out of a deep tradition of garment manufacturing and a need for a contemporary luxury jean.

Creative Director Anthony Lupesco, one of the driving forces behind Shockoe Denim, was brought up in the garment industry. His parents, Pierre and Brigitte, have long worked in the industry, making suits for Italian heavyweights like Versace.

It was their vision to bring this same level of detail, craft and passion to a jean that could be made right here in Richmond. And, they've wildly succeeded, creating, sewing and selling jeans out of their Shockoe Bottom shop.

shockoe denim richmond

The shop itself is something of a destination. Tastefully appointed in vintage Americana, though it's clear that the jeans here are the real stars. So much so that the rear of the shop opens onto the production room. You can literally watch your jeans being made!

The shop is open 10-6 Mon.- Fri. and 12-6 on Saturday.

Shockoe will be celebrating their two-year anniversary Thursday with Ardent, Virginia Distillery and Steady Sounds. They're also debuting a very limited edition jean you can read all about on their blog.