We're still giving up the blog this week. Today Sara Woznicki, co-owner of www.astoldoverbrunch.com, is taking us on a tour of bars in the Richmond Region (make sure y'all find a cab or an Uber at the end of the night!)


Among its many other positive attributes, Richmond boasts a solid bar scene. While picking a bar with a group of friends and hanging out for the evening is a perfectly respectable option, bar crawling through the city could be the more adventurous option.


However, deciding to bar crawl is only the first step in the planning process. Next, you’ve got where you’d like to go. To make the decision-making process easier, there are basically two starting options: the Fan or Downtown. There’s now only one question you’ve got to ask yourself to make your selection: What kind of night are you trying to have?


If you’d like to reeeeeally enjoy your night, ending with either dancing on a sweaty floor, go downtown.


If you’d like to see a lot of Richmond, remember your evening and be able to talk to the people you went out with, go to the Fan.


Good, now that you know which area you’d like to cover, let’s talk about logistics.

The Fan Crawl

Let’s say you picked the Fan. Your decision-making process isn’t over yet. Are you planning on crawling straight down Main or down Robinson and then hooking onto Main? Thankfully, this answer is easy: go with geography.


Start with which bar is closest to you: either Curbside on Robinson, Social 52 on Main or Postbellum on the other end of Main Street. For the sake of consistency (slash what I do): let’s say we start at Curbside.


Show up to Curbside with your crew and make sure you chugged a glass of water upon entrance. Then you’ve got almost the last decision you’ll have to make this evening: what is your drink of choice? Efficiency is key in the crawl, so you’ll want to do your best to pick one drink that you can do repeatedly and one easy enough that you can all split rounds. It makes the most sense to do rounds so three of you aren’t waiting at the bar, opening for one drink and then closing at every single bar.


The key to a successful bar crawl is to move through the dive bars (note: I love dive bars so I don’t say dive bars negatively) quickly to allow yourself more time to invest in celebrating the commencement of the crawl at the beacon of the evening. We usually make our end goal either Baja or Social 52. In between, we’ve got a long list of potential places to hit:


  • Metro: An old favorite that should definitely place to hit on your crawl.McCormack’s Whiskey Bar: If your evening’s drink of choice is whiskey, this better be a stop on the crawl.Star-Lite: Is a local institution and fits perfectly with your bar crawl.
  • Helens: Helens is a really happy hipster bar, and should be a stop on the crawl.
  • 3 Monkeys: I've spent a lot of time in 3 Monkeys, it's got my vote.

Then you’ve got your final decision to make: head left for Sullivans, Pearl/Vintage and Baja, or head to the right and commit to ending your night at Social 52. We usually opt for Social 52, but the first bar crawl we ever completed in Richmond ended with us running in the rain to Baja, so there’s quite a bit of sentimental value in that choice.

Downtown Crawl

Lucky for you, if you picked a crawl downtown, I will give you no options. Here is the exact route you must take for a successful crawl.


Arrive at the basement of Tobacco Company at exactly 8pm. From 8-9pm, drink $1 drinks or $2 doubles. Order two at a time so you don’t have to harass the bartender as much.


After the hour pregame, head to the patio of Southern Railway. Enjoy the fresh oxygen and maybe downgrade yourself from double fisting rail drinks so you’ll make it the whole night.

  Then head to Sines. Drink a little bit more on the patio, then warm up your dancing legs inside to the live band. You’ll probably break a bit of a sweat with how crowded it usually gets, but then that’s the sign that you’re ready for the next stop.


Cha-Chas: It’s hot. It’s sweaty. It’s what you’ll need at this time. But you’re not done yet. You’ve got one more stop on your list, and this one is a doozy.


Society: I have no words for you, Society, but I’ll see you there to end my evening. And this blog post.