This second matchup in the Elite 8 pits neighborhood rivals 23rd and Main vs. Station 2. Both of these restaurants have numbers in their names. One of those numbers is the number two. As any seasoned sports commentator knows it's the numbers that matter and in this case that number is two and we have no idea what it means but we're pretty sure it means something.


This is gonna be the last poll of the week before we swap out the burgers for healthy doses of tryptophan and cranberry sauce and potatoes and pumpkin pies and sprouts. But stay tuned because the week of December 1 we're gonna wrap up the Elite 8.


We'll also have the grand prize (hopefully) by then.


Let's find out who has the best burger in this matchup, though:




Here's the updated bracket for all the forthcoming Burger Beatdown action!

Burger-Bracket-Round-2 a



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