Food is probably the last thing you want to think about the Monday morning after Thanksgiving. But it's time for Richmond Burger Beatdown.

We're gonna knock out the last two matchups of the Elite 8 today. And these are big ones, fracases on a scale unseen in burger faceoffs this century.

We'll leave all the Elite 8 polls open all week. Then we'll go in depth, we'll talk to the final four, we'll find out who's got what it takes to tough it out and win this thing. We'll also debut the Richmond Burger Beatdown Trophy. Yes there's a trophy now and it's awesome.

Let's get to it:

West Division

The west division is a real barn burner with the Kiwi Crusher, New Zealand-inspired Burger Bach facing down scrappy upstart Dot's Back Inn. Burger Bach's burgers have been put to the fire with a first-round matchup against cross-street rival Carytown Burger and Fries while Dashing Dot's unseated Baker's Crust in the first round.


East Division

Pasture V. Saison is the matchup up burger aficionados have been drooling over for at least a few days. These titans of burgerdom are two of the best in the biz and we can't wait to watch them duke it out for burger supremacy.


Previous Elite 8 polls are still open here and here.


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