It's time to find out who has the best burger in Richmond. Round 3 is a real humdinger, a rope-a-dope for the ages. In the West Division Burger Bach stares down neighborhood rival Carytown Burger and Fries. In the East, Pasture faces O'toole's.

West Division

Burger Bach

Burger Bach, the Baroque Beef Bruiser, uses all free-range fed meats and racks their burgers with organic ripe tomatoes, organic mushrooms, organic mustard, organic ketchup and organic cheeses before tenderly placing all that juicy goodness between Billy Bread buns. This New Zealand inspired joint will have you calling their burgers your precious in no time.

Carytown Burger and Fries

Carytown Burgers and Fries makes no bones what they're all about: burgers and fries. It's in their name. Their menu features over 30 burgers. We stopped counting at 30 because this reporter was getting too hungry to keep writing about what a scrappy contender Carytown Burger and Fries is going to be in this year's Richmond Burger Beatdown.





East Division


Pasture is looking to put the competition out to Pasture like a delicious heifer that's going to be ground up into one of their amazing burgers that reinterprets a classic from your childhood from a restaurant you won't eat after watching Food Inc. Make no mistake, though, Pasture makes the special sauce in house, uses high-quality beef and dill pickles.


O'Toole's pub is a scrappy contender from the south side that's been knocking around since 1966 offering authentic Irish charm and their signature O burger. This burger comes stacked high with crispy bacon and an O'toole's onion ring.  



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