We're pitting Richmond's burgers against each other in the tastiest face off in all the land. Over the next few weeks we're going to talk to the experts, you, and a few more experts, local chefs and #RVADine folks, to find out who has the best burger in town.


We're going to make a list.


Then we're going we're going to make a bracket.


Then we're going to let you vote on who should win each match up.


When we hit the Final Four, we're gonna go in depth, we're gonna taste the burgers, we're gonna talk to the chefs, we're gonna let folks lobby for their favorite. We might even invite some readers along to help taste. And we'll let you vote some more.


A champion of Richmond burgerhood will be crowned. We might even buy an old bowling trophy and replace the bowling ball with a burger and present it to the winner because who wouldn't want an old bowling trophy modified into a burger trophy classing up the joint?


So nominate your favorites in the comments or leave 'em on the post on our Facebook.


Let's get ready rumble Richmond!