The Richmond Craft Mafia is holding their Spring Bada-Bing Saturday, April 16 at Hardywood! Spring Bada-Bing brings together over 40 makers and lots of beer for a day of fun and craft in Richmond!

We already know you're going, but just in case you're still on the fence, here are some reasons to go:

Top 5 Reasons to go to Spring Bada-Bing

  1. Beer - want to have a beer and look at stuff and buy stuff? You can.
  2. Honesty - listen, we all love you, but everything you try to make from Pinterest is a complete failure. Leave it to the pros in the Richmond Craft Mafia.
  3. Free - it's all free, the parking, the admission, the fun (you have to pay for beer and stuff you buy, though.)
  4. Food - you need food anyway, to stay alive, might as well get it here along with the crafts and beer.
  5. Good - show up for the early bird shop 10-11 and your $5 donation will go to Art180.

Here are some photos from the winter event at Hardywood to get you stoked. Now, start planning what you're gonna buy and stop trying to make this stuff yourself.


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