We told you yesterday that we were gonna give you some date ideas leading up to Valentine's Day because we love you! (and because, honestly, it's a slow month for travel.)


Stay tuned for date ideas all over town. From formal to wacky and weird, we'll try to find something for everyone. For now, though, let's kick off Richmond Region Romance with Carytown Kisses!


Carytown Kisses is a date in Carytown. The kisses are optional, but they'd probably be nice. This date can be an afternoon date or start in the early evening! Have fun!

chop suey books richmond

Stop 1 - Chop Suey Books

Feed your mind at Chop Suey Books. This place is great because they know their stuff and there are so many good books here.


Buy your date a book and vice versa! Don't know what they like, if they like to read? Chop Suey has you covered with their Blind Date Books! These books come wrapped in butcher paper with vague descriptions. Take a risk, you're on a date. Make sure you wander upstairs and check out all the rooms and corners of this amazing bookstore. Maybe even sneak your first kiss.


Stop 2 - World of Mirth

World of Mirth is a toy store so cool that you can walk in without kids and you won't feel like a creep. They've got some adult-oriented collectibles and toys and whatnot in the back. If you're on a first date this is a perfect place to make lots of dumb jokes and break all kinds of ice. By some bang snaps and throw them at each other for the rest of your date. Buy a whoopie cushion and take turns trying to fool the other person with it. Have fun mostly, you're on a date after all.



Stop 3 - Plan 9 Music

We get it, at heart you're still a sullen teenager whose records mean everything to them (who isn't?) Record shopping is always fun and you can learn a lot about a person by the kind of music they like. You and your date should challenge each other to buy the best record possible for the other person for under five bucks. Who knows, you might pick such good music that you'll need to find a record player immediately after the date, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Stop 4 - Can Can

We know, we know, a French restaurant on a date is a tad cliche. But whatever, you're having fun on this date. Split some fries and drink some wine. Eat some mussels. Nobody's saying you have to have a full on French meal.



daily kitchen richmond

Stop 5 - Daily Kitchen and Bar

For a cocktail! Sit at the bar. Play with your toys and talk about your records. Have a Henry Collins or a Spiced Apple. If the weather is warmer, sit outside and watch the people walk Cary Street. Open your books if you bought Blind Date Books (you made it this long without opening? You are a champion!)


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