RVA Makerfest at the Science Museum of Virginia was awesome. So many makers, families, makers and science and textiles, leather and makers and learning and so much awesome! Here are our RVA Makerfest photos:

RvaMakerFest Rva MakerFest Richmond Makerfest Maker Fest RVA Keeper Leather RVA Richmond, VA Maker Fest Makerfest RVA Studio Two Three Map MakerFest34 MakerFest33 MakerFest32 MakerFest31 MakerFest30 MakerFest29 MakerFest28 MakerFest27 MakerFest26 MakerFest25 MakerFest24 MakerFest23 MakerFest22 MakerFest21 MakerFest20 MakerFest19 MakerFest17 MakerFest16 MakerFest15 MakerFest14 MakerFest13 MakerFest11 MakerFest12 MakerFest10 MakerFest09 MakerFest08 MakerFest07 MakerFest06 MakerFest05 MakerFest04 MakerFest03 MakerFest02