From the opening of the new Virginia Capital Trail, to Dominion River Rock and finally the 2015 UCI Road World Championships in September, the Richmond Region is quickly becoming an international hub of cycling. Here are the top 5 reasons you should be excited about biking in the Richmond Region as the temps climb!

Virginia Capital Trail

Slated to open in late summer/early fall 2015, this approximately 52 mile stretch of bicycle and pedestrian trail will run along the beautiful Route 5 corridor in Virginia, connecting Richmond to Williamsburg and Jamestown. The Virginia Capital Trail Foundation will also be sponsoring the 10th annual Cap2Cap 2015 bicycle race, which runs between RVA and Williamsburg on Saturday, May 9; the race is a great opportunity for amateurs and seasoned cycling pros to spin their gears with four different races offered, varying in distance, and also have family and friend enjoy food, beer, vendor expos and live entertainment. Get out and exercise while seeing the charm of the Commonwealth!

conquer the cobbles

Conquer the Cobbles Race (September 25)

Conquer the Cobbles race will allow its participants to have access to the exact same road circuit course that world-class professional cyclists will compete on at the 2015 UCI Road World Championships!  Sponsored by Sports Backers, this 10.3 mile course will allow riders to conquer the cobbles for a two hour time period and get as close to the real feeling of a race as possible.

2015 UCI Road World Championships (September 19 – 27)

Years in the making, thousands of the world’s top cyclists from 75 different countries will be arriving in the River City to compete in 12 different races over the span of nine days this fall at Richmond 2015!  Spectators will be able to not only enjoy the sights and sounds of these two-wheeled artists whizzing by but also attend concerts, festivals, expos, and live entertainment before the race.  Audiences can view this incredible international spectacle from great vantage points like Libby Hill Park, Church Hill near 23rd street, and Monument Avenue to name a few.

get off road

Pocahontas State Park offers up to 12 miles of continuous riding on trails with stunning lake views. The largest all-volunteer maintained trail system in the region, these trails take riders across a creek crossing, lots of small logs, some exposed rocky shelves, some basic rock gardens and a lot of climbing and descending. Fire roads are available for riders who aren't ready for single track just yet.

Dominion River Rock (May 15 – 17)

All hail River Rock!  Nationally touted as the “largest annual outdoor sports and music festival”, this yearly event drops into Richmond like a BMXer in a half-pipe and leaves with bruised knees and dusty helmets.  There are three Dominion River Rock biking events: the Thule Urban Assault Mountain Biking race, a huge, urban-style single track throughout the James River Park System; the Garmin Freestyle Bikes competition, which showcases pro freestyle BMX riders in events like Best Trick and Slopestyle; and finally the Redbull Berm Burners, a riveting, rollicking head-to-head pursuit dirt track race with bracket style eliminations.  May the best rider win!



Check out our biking video if you need anymore convincing that the Richmond Region is for bikes: Michael J. Hippchen is a freelance writer based out of Richmond, VA.  Michael has a passion for good bourbon, a firm cigar, live music, and copious amounts of black coffee.