The Richmond Region loves a good festival. Who doesn't? With festivals celebrating everything from beer to food to bacon, we've got something for everyone to celebrate. This weekend is no exception with the Hanover Tomato Festival.

The Hanover Tomato is a large tomato defined by the soil in Hanover County. The festival celebrating this regional favorite is pure Americana. Here are the Top 5 Reasons You Need the Hanover Tomato Festival.


1. Tomatoes

Make no mistake, the tomatoes are the start of this festival. You'll be able to sample Hanover Tomatoes in just about every imaginable configuration.



tomato 2

2. Kid Stuff

There's so much for kids to do at the Hanover Tomato Festival. There will be rock climbing, video games and petting zoos.

tomato 1

3. Music

The Tomato Festival stage will be filled with music from the opening bell until closing time.

tomato 4

4. Vendors

Local vendors selling handmade wares will be on hand selling souvenirs and local goods.


5. Tomato Cook Off!

Chefs will square off all day in a Tomato Cookoff!