The Richmond Region is quickly becoming a foodie destination for taste buds up and down the East Coast; chock full of diverse, unique options for palates waiting to be pleased. River City Food Tours offers a culinary tour of Carytown, the Richmond Region’s famous shopping and dining district, is a great way to sample our budding food scene. Here are the top 5 reasons you should take the River City Food Tour!

A Guiding Light

A competent guide can make or break a tour, and Brian, the soft-spoken, friendly, knowledgeable leader who runs the River City Food Tour is a perfect host for this delightful afternoon stroll through Carytown. An affable guide means relaxed listeners!

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Something for Everyone

Appealing to a savory vs. sweet crowd, the River City Food tour is an ultimate tapas experience for all takers.t A diverse selection of styles from spicy to sugary are offered at each of the respective six stops, even with vegetarian options. Tour takers enjoyed a wide array of delicacies, ranging from naughty Irish Car-Bomb Cupcakes to a quaint pouch of risotto stuffed into peppers. Remember: come hungry!

Globe Hopping

A visit to Carytown offers a United Nations of restaurants, and the River City Food Tour truly covers all corners of the map. From Carnitas tacos with fresh diced onions to fried oysters with a drizzle of buffalo sauce to a crispy Ethiopian Samboosa stuffed with diced meat, be prepared to globe hop!

A History Lesson

Come hungry for delicious eats as well as a little bit of Richmond Region history. See what Carytown looked like 100 years ago and learn about the history of Cary Street and how it got its name! Learn about Virginia’s peanut farming history and try the famous North American Super Extra Large Peanut (yes that’s it’s name).


Window Shopping

Carytown is an experience – dining, shopping, sightseeing, and people-watching; the River City Food Tour lets you take it all in, albeit with a guided path. The River City Food Tour allows you to get a unique view of a historic, eclectic section of the Richmond Region. Tourists should take advantage of the scenic walk-around this dining and retail district and window shop before, during and after the tour!