It's cold in the Richmond Region, real cold. Luckily for you, we've got 5 things you can do that won't require bundling yourself up in 15 layers...some of them may even get you working up a sweat in a perfectly climate controlled environment, of course.

1. Go Karts

You know you want to channel your inner Bowser, Princess Peach, or, heaven forbid, Luigi and live out your biggest Mario Kart dreams. You can do that here in the Richmond Region at Thunderbolt INDOOR Karting. These karts, sadly, don't come equipped with bananas or spiny shells, but the track is inside and you'll get up to speeds of about 45 mph. Your kids might enjoy themselves too.

2. Skyzone Richmond

Who doesn't want to spend an hour or so jumping around in an entire room made of trampolines, flipping in to a foam pit and dunking a basketball? We know these people probably exist, but we know that you are not them and you want to hide from the cold doing all these things. Skyzone is the place for you. Jump, sweat and, most importantly, stay warm while practicing sweet parkour moves.

3. Catch a Movie

Richmond has movie options, lots of them. Check out a second run feature at the Byrd for $1.99. If you go on Saturday, you can hear the Mighty Wurlitzer before the film. Bowtie Cinemas has got new movies at Movieland and Indie movies across the street at Criterion Cinemas. Regal Westhampton Cinema 2 also has indie movies. Wanna leave the kids at home? Have some real food and a couple beers with the movie? Cinebistro is the place for you.

4. Get Outdoorsy...Inside

You can spend an entire, warm, day inside Bass Pro Shops. Learn how to fish, then eat some fish at the restaurant then get you some flannel, a duck cloth sleeping bag and a compound bow. Maybe pick up a kayak and think about how awesome it's gonna be when you can actually take

5. Climb a Mountain...inside

Peak Experiences is one of the largest indoor rock climbing centers in the United States. Climb, inside where it's warm, more than 125 top-rope routes. They also have lead-climbing and bouldering, classes for beginners and all the equipment you need onsite.