We know that daylight savings time is a few weeks away. We know that it will get warmer, we're just having a hard time believing it. Here are the Top 5 Things We're Daydreaming About in the Frozen Tundra of the Richmond Region:


1. Dominion Riverrock

May 15-17 - If you like outdoor sports, competing, having fun or just watching them, you have to come to the Richmond Region for this event. There are mountain bike races, running races, kayak races and bouldering competitions...and a huge concert headlined by Blues Traveler. Don't give us the run around eh? Come to Dominion Riverrock!



2. Friday Cheers

Fridays starting May 1 through June 26 - Brown's Island concerts! Friday nights! Bands! Music! Local craft beer! If you're in the Richmond Region this spring/summer on a Friday you have to come see a Friday Cheers. See local bands and national acts. Last year Neko Case, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Futurebirds and the Funky Meters played.



3. Spring Bada-Bing

April 11 - Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. The Richmond Region is lousy with talented artists, makers and crafters. And craft brewers. This event brings both together at Hardywood.



4. The Great Southern: A Twin Peaks Celebration

April 16-19 - Twin Peaks is coming back. What better way to celebrate than three days of Twin Peaks in Richmond? The answer is there is no better way.



5. Richmond2015

September 19-27 - Granted, this one is in the Fall, but we're going to get to meet so many of y'all during the race and make new friends from all over the world. So, we're a little excited to show off all the awesome things going on in the Richmond Region!

Hold on folks, we're almost through this winter. We'll all be kayaking and tubing and swimming in the James and shredding gnar on our MTBikes and sitting outside at Legend and every other brewery with a patio.