We all know that the Richmond Region has the best food in the commonwealth of Virginia. You got your Rappahannock, your Peter Chang, your Metzger, your Dutch and Co., your Comfort, your Sub Rosa Bakery, your Heritage, your Pasture, your Mama J's, your Lemaire, your Saison and on and on and on.


You get the idea. We've got good food.


Let's prove it to the whole state by flooding the Virginia is for Lover's Culinary Challenge with #RVADine!


All you have to do is fill out this form and nominate your favorite #RVADine entree. Then there will be a vote, which we will post here, which we will clearly win because if you've visited or if you're a local, you know that the Richmond Region has amazing food.


Here's the form again. Click this link. Submit, submit, submit.


(p.s. we used a goat in the header because goats are super hot right now and #RVADine is the Greatest Of All Time.)