The Richmond Region is home to a lot of history, a lot of art, a lot of artsy folks, music, street art, some of the best food in the entire country and the best river park pretty much anywhere. It's urban and rural, it's fun, easy, accessible. It's also a little weird. From a bunch of art students starting a performance art group in an abandoned dairy to buildings we still don't understand, here's a small glimpse into weird, wonderful, wild RVA:


GWAR is, arguably, Richmond's most famous export. They're certainly the most disgusting. Saddle up, have a GWAR Blood beer, sing some karaoke, eat some grub not far from the former abandoned dairy where it all started. "GWAR is known throughout the Universe for it’s outrageous stage show, irreverent humor and head pounding music, but for years we have wanted to turn our demented eye to the service industry."

Markel Building

Of interest mostly, maybe, to architectural buffs, or fans of questionable design choices, the Markel Building looks sorta like a misshapen burrito. No matter how you feel about it, it's certainly something.

Paul's Place

It may not look like much from the outside, but Paul's is a wonderland sat in a triangle that seems to be the center of all things old, wonderful and weird...and it's all for sale. Paul's has architectural salvage, antiques and oddities.


Strangeways is a brewery, sure, but as the name implies, it gets a little weird in this Scotts Addition outpost. Strangeways makes the aforementioned Gwar Blood and their blue tasting room is unlike any other in the region.

Rest in Pieces

"Established in 2014. Located in Richmond, Virginia. Providing exceptional yet affordable curiosities to the collector." We're not telling you anything else, go see Rest in Pieces for yourself.