Need a Wizard World Richmond Comic Con guide for newbies? Good, we've got one for you. We spoke to local Julia Scott, who has been attending cons for over 25 years. She's been to everything from the tiniest local con to huge cons with over 30,000 attendees and she's super stoked that Wizard World is coming to Richmond.


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Whether you're attending for the first time or this is your fourth con this year, Julia's got some tips to help you get the most out of your Wizard World experience.




Cons offer a mind-bogging array of options. There isn't much you can't do at a con: meet the creator of your favorite graphic novel; get an autograph from or have your picture taken with your favorite TV or movie star; check out the great cosplay costumes, or wear one yourself; purchase the perfect Klingon bat’leth or your very own wizard’s wand; and dance the night away at the after party. There's a lot to do.


I attend cons for the panels…my personal best is 16 55-minute panels over two-and-a-half days. Two friends block out several hours at every con to visit the exhibitors (sometimes called the dealer room.) Quality shopping is a con highlight for them. Another friend spends most of her time cruising the halls, meeting and talking with fellow fans. She spends at least one day at every con in costume, always a great conversation-starter.


So how do you narrow down all those options?


  • Begin by creating a “must see/do” list. Are there one or two guests whose panels you REALLY want to see? A photo opportunity or autograph that would make the perfect convention keepsake? Perhaps you dream of showcasing your cosplaying skills at the costume contest. Spend some time thinking about what would make YOUR perfect con experience.


  • Next check the con website frequently for times of guest appearances, special events, etc. Some guests attend only one or two days of the con; you don’t want to arrive a day early…or a day late. Typically a full schedule of all activities will be posted online a few days to a week prior to the opening of the convention.  Use this information to create a personalized schedule of your “must see/do” activities. Then add a few other things you want to try.  Your first con is the perfect opportunity to experiment.


  • Continue to check the website until the day of the con; last minute cancellations do occur and you don’t want to show up for a panel or event that is not happening.


  • Last, prepare to be surprised and leave some time for the unexpected. Sometimes what you thought of as a “B” list activity will turn out to be the highlight of your convention. Chance encounters in the hallway or the “I didn’t know I couldn’t live without it until I saw it” discovery at a exhibitor’s booth may become your most treasured con memory.


Helpful Hint: Unless you possess superpowers, you will have to pick and choose.