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Add a pop up on the website home page to sign up for enews. BSF factory did this and saw a 733% increase in sign ups. Add a description to the enews sign up page describing what they will receive and how often. Also mention they can opt out at any time and RMCVB will not share their info. Need a subscribe button on all website section home pages and others as appropriate.

Have front desk offer to sign callers up. Have a sign up link for enews on RMCVB Mktg. staff email tags. When using OR codes in paid media the link could go to a landing page specifically for that campaign that has an enews sign up button. Post an announcement each month on fb that the new enews has been deployed and give people the chance to sign up. Permanent enews sign up button on fb (?) enews need a subscription button/link so when it gets forwarded people can sign up.

Include a subscribe button on the website media page. Create a contest. Whoever forwards the enews to the most friends in a given time wins a prize. BSF can track this.