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Aggy of Turkey Island

Join us February 8th, 6 pm, for the second installment of our Plays in the Passage series.

Mary Hardy Carter will bring Aggy of Turkey Island to life in an intimate gathering at Wilton House Museum.

When Ryland Randolph died in 1784, his will left very specific instructions for his family: free and provide for Aggy and their two children, 3-year-old Sylvia Anderson and 1-year-old Alexander Philip. In a uniquely American story, the legal battle that would follow crossed the lines of family, religion, ethics, and the emerging national debate on slavery. Carter's one act play will take us back to the world of Aggy and her experience of loss, uncertainty, and hope.

This play will take place within the historic interior of Wilton, so space is limited. Tickets go on sale January 1st.

Aggy of Turkey Island