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Blacksmith are Coming

  • 259 Muddy Fork Road,
  • Dates: June 30, 2018
  • Venue: Meadow Event Park
  • Phone: (423) 913-1022
  • Time: 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Price: Auction Free from 2pm to 9 pm to atend conferenc cost $100 pewr day
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Blacksmiths are coming to Meadow Event Park from June 27 though June 30. This is the biannual gathering of the national group, Artist Blacksmith Association of North America. The conference is a visual delight with men and women heating iron from red hot to nearly 3,000 degrees and hammering sculpture, furniture, knives and other items of delight. Large powerful hammers and presses that shape the metal will be on site for a spectacular show.

A total of 12 tents will be set up with more tools than you can imagine. Demonstrators include some of the finest smiths in America and Europe. One area is dedicated to knife making, another to farriers and a third is teaching tents where beginners and novices can try a hand at forging under the supervision of experienced teachers.

In conjunction with conference, there will be a month-long exhibit of fine ironwork held at Flux Gallery in Ashland, VA http://www.galleryflux.com/. At the end of the conference, on Saturday night, there will be an auction to benefit the education of carrying on this ancient tradition. All work produced at the conference and many works of art created by smiths coming from around the world will be sold to the highest bidder. In the past conference folk have walked away with wonderful works of art at reasonable prices.

For those of the public who have been inspired by perhaps the TV show Forged In Fire, or a visit to the Williamsburg smithy; they can register both online or in person at the fairgrounds for either the whole week or by the day https://abana.org/conference/2018-richmond-va/register-2/#!event-register/2018/ 6/27/2018-abana-conference

If you are curious about this old American form of art, you can attend a tour of the conference and stay for the auction to bring something wonderful home. The Saturday afternoon tour and evening auction are free to the public.

Blacksmith are Coming