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Covering: Layered Light, Texture and Motion

Hawa Stowdah presents Covering: Layered Light, Texture and Motion. April 10 – May 20

The series is comprised of five components that explore the use of light, texture and movement in surface design. Each of the five subject matters are connected to idea of the covering and seclusion. The space itself, the inner most sanctum of the building, was selected because of its location and sense of privacy.

Non-tradition materials contrast with quintessential motifs used for centuries by handicraft artisans. Spirals, whorls, and concentric circles intermingle with chevrons and diamond patterns, covering the surfaces of acrylic, silk georgette and muslin. Sensors and actuators control light and movement while screens distance the viewer form the object, obscuring vision and clarity.

Hawa Stwodah is an Afghan born designer and instructor based in the United States. She received her BFA and MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, her career has spanned many sectors within the fashion industry, including fashion and textile design, product development, technical design and production, as well as retail buying and education.

Covering: Layered Light, Texture and Motion