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InsideOut with Melody Barnes

When Melody is not teaching, deciding public policy, or otherwise TCB (taking care of business),  what is one her favorite pastimes?  What irritates her more than anything? How did she meet Marland, her life partner and business partner? What musical instruments does she play? 

Join us for a "one to one" conversation with Melody and learn more about her interests, desires, and personal goals.  This special time with us offers an inside look at what makes her tick, how she became the woman she is today, 

childhood memories, mentors, mantra, hopes, dreams and 

little known facts that are sure to surprise and delight!

Our InsideOut guest host for the series is Rita Ricks, popular facilitator who is known for her infectious humor and caring insight.

InsideOut with Melody Barnes
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  • Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia
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