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Rafie Khoshbin: Daughters of Baha

The recent political upheaval following the 2016 presidential election in the United States awakens specific fears; fears so familiar to Baha’i Iranians in the post-Islamic Revolution of 1979. Since its establishment, the Islamic Republic of Iran has shown a profound disdain for one of its largest minority faiths and created a nationwide effort to prosecute Baha’is by arresting prominent members of the community through the fabrication of false crimes and accusing them of being spies for Great Britain, the United States, and Israel.

As an attempt to erase all evidence of state crimes and what the government called “Cultural Cleansing” of the Baha’i community; the majority of these individuals’ belongings were confiscated and destroyed. The year 2018 marks the 35th year anniversary of the execution of these beloved women who fearlessly dedicated their life to advancing the betterment of humanity. Their spirit, their vision, their heart will always be remembered; for in the face of tragedy they stood unwavering with love.

The exhibit stands to commemorate their life and share their story. On view in the Social Gallery April 10 – 22.

Khoshbin graduated with a B.F.A from the department of fashion design at VCUarts in 2016. He then established his haute-couture-inspired atelier embodying his Iranian heritage with a combined love for theater and hand-sewn creation in his womenswear collection. With an individualized approach, the house focuses on capturing the personalized sensibility in a contemporary silhouette; Aiming to marry artisanal and machine-based techniques harmoniously.

Rafie Khoshbin: Daughters of Baha