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September/October Exhibitions

  • 31 E. Third St. (Also accessed through Plant Zero Art Center.), Richmond, VA 23224
  • Dates: October 8, 2017 - December 17, 2017
  • Recurrence: Recurring weekly on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Venue: Artspace
  • Phone: (804) 232-6464
  • Time: 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Price: Free and Open to the Public
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artspace is pleased to present five new gallery shows, featuring aluminum and polyfiber sculptures by Susan Ferrari Rowley, paintings by Tommy White, paintings and found objects by Carol Anna Meese, small mixed media collages by Melanie Kluender, and a group show of various medias by local artists. Exhibition dates are September 22 through October 22, 2017. A closing artist talk will take place Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 2:00pm. This event is Free and Open to the Public.

The Main Gallery exhibition will present Line, Space, and Presence, aluminum and polyfiber sculptures by Susan Ferrari Rowley. "My medium is welded aluminum and sewn polyfiber, combined in sculptures that deal with human emotion," Ferrari-Rowley writes. "Line, space, and form interact equally in these opposites of hard and soft materials. The interior and exterior of each form, and the negative space in and around each sculpture are equally critical. White and translucent, they react to changing light with interior and cast shadows that are part of a complexity far beyond their minimalist appearance." Upon moving to Rochester in 1976 to attend Rochester Institute of Technology acquiring her MST and MFA, Ferrari-Rowley found herself in the midst of an arts community which she became a consistent and active part of. Settling into the Rochester community, she found stability and the environment for one driven to evolve artistically. Ferrari-Rowley played a major role in the acceptance of fabric as a sculptural medium in the art world by consistently pushing the creative envelope and putting her work into competitions that caused critics and judges to question existing standards for what was thought of as a 'proper medium for sculpture'.

The Frable Gallery will feature Night Garden, paintings by Tommy White. White's paintings "metaphorically explore the relationship between environment, psyche, and one's ability for rationalization," he says. Environment is characterized by any tangible force affecting an individual's physical and/or conscious/unconscious self. Psyche is represented by the lyrically ornate, amalgamated black and white imagery. "Upon further examination, one recognizes that the environment is slightly off-kilter, positioning the psyche to seek balance," White continues. "By amassing and manipulating accessories of perceived value, like positioning weights on a scale, a remedy is sought. For many, these accessories have become comforts of consolation, small vices that enable us to rationalize and navigate within our contingent world." White has a BA from Michigan State University and an MFA from Clemson University and has served as an educator and administrator at Virginia Commonwealth University.

In the Helena Davis Gallery, Origins, paintings and found objects by Carol Anna Meese. Meese says, "Sometimes blind, always intuitive, these works are records of my response to land and sea as I walked the vastness of Iceland and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Open vistas, big skies, wild nature and storms, all help to transcend and lift away from everyday care. Influenced by found detritus, the paintings are organic in nature and intuitive in approach. Sometimes storms, sometime stars, sometimes I paint, sticks and stones. Gesture holds the imprint of the hand, the rapture of the spirit. Plaster and acrylics are imprinted with found debris. Work will be presented along with some of the found objects of their origin. Without forethought, my marks are spontaneous and sometimes seem channeled as if coming from some ancient and sacred source."

In smallspace Gallery, Melanie Kluender will present Show and Tell, small mixed media collages. Kluender's work reflects the change, growth, metamorphosis, duality, and search for balance that exists in her life. "I focus on the process of change and necessity for adaptation," she says. "I’m interested in finding balance among the chaos of everyday living. I'm an observer, an introvert, and a thinker." She sees and experiences opposing forces all around. Some are simple observations, such as good vs. evil, chaos vs. order, organic vs. geometric, while some are more personal, such as anxiety vs. depression, conflict between the inner and outer self, disorganization vs. obsessive compulsive. "I’m fascinated by the delicate point at which opposing forces meet to create balance," she continues. "I use a variety of papers, found objects, fiber, paint, drawing and stitching to represent things that are picked up along my journey. Using a variety of materials and imagery represents the chaos of life. Editing, rearranging, dissecting, and reassembling these materials and imagery with deliberate choice are a way to balance the chaos I see and experience to take back control." Kluender is a Richmond native, a mom, and an art educator in Hanover County.

The Suzanne Foley Gallery will feature Local Color – Palettes and Places, works by various local artists.

September/October Exhibitions
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  • Artspace
  • Free and Open to the Public
  • Recurring weekly on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday