National Beer Expo
RVAbeer comes together for your sampling fun

RVABeer comes together for your sampling fun


The Capital Ale House National Beer Expo is intended to educate and enrich both the palate. This isn't a craft beer festival where you're trying to sample as many beers as possible, we want you to learn something too! The event is focused on high-quality experiences, allowing participants to enjoy and learn about fine craft beer free from the crush of large crowds, loud music, bad weather, and lousy food.

World-Class Craft Beer, Food and Fun in Richmond VA

The Capital Ale House National Beer Expo is a six-day event celebrating artisan-made, American craft beer. Breweries from across the country gather in Richmond to showcase more than 200 of today's best craft beers. The Expo offers a collection of premium events that explore the astounding quality of American craft beer and how well beer pairs with a wide range of gourmet, farm-to-table, seasonal and ethnic cuisines.

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