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Banneker Historical Park & Museum

Founded upon the homestead of the Banneker family, Benjamin Banneker Historical Park is 142 acres in the heart of Oella. Once known as 'Stout', the original 100-acre lot was purchased in 1737 by Robert Bannaky, Benjamin's father, with the receipts of 7,000 Ibs. of tobacco. Here the Bannekers farmed tobacco, wheat, corn crops, a fruit orchard, apiary, and a small vegetable garden. Much of the vegetables, poultry, fruit, and honey produced here, were sold to the Ellicott's to supply their General Store in the old mill town. Upon Robert's death in 1759, Benjamin became the sole owner of Stout, where he continued to live and farm the family estate. As his health deteriorated, Benjamin abandoned tobacco farming to concentrate his time and strength on a small garden, his beehives and, of course, his mathematics. In 1799 Benjamin sold 72 acres of Stout to the EIlicott's with an agreement that he would live-out his life on the land. In 1806 Benjamin passed on, and the property was turned' over to the Ellicott's as was agreed upon. The day of Benjamin's funeral, the cabin in which he lived and died, burned to the ground. Thereafter, the land had been subdivided and cultivated by many owners, including the Ellicott's, until 1972.