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Black Pearl

It was a first time you visit you'll be very happy with the meal. For a starter have the Crispy Calamari with Cherry Peppers, Lemon, and Olive Oil. A seemingly common dish but everything comes together fabulously for a unique experience. This shoud be followed by a very good Classic Caesar salad and finally the Grilled Shrimp Wrapped in Prosciutto, pesto cream sauce, and linguini pasta. It's another unique experience that is very enjoyable and the quantity is certainly more than enough. You'll love the Black Pearl. It's hard not too. It's been around since 1967. BP is known for several things, not the least of which are Bloody Marys and their award winning clam chowder. During the summer, as many have mentioned, it is fun to sit outside in the midst of the bustling Newport summer crowd. People watching while eating wonderful food? I am so in. During the fall and winter months dining is indoors and the food is just as good. The bar is small and cozy. The staff welcoming. The drinks reasonably priced and well made. Stop in and have a cocktail. Late Sunday mornings and eaerly afternoons were made for stopping in and grabbing a bloody and some chowda.