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Bloomsbury inn

The Bloomsbury Inn; Where the moss draped Camellia's bloom in late October and you are meet by the owner as you step from your car. Your eyes immediately focus on the lovely gardens and the inviting front porch, and you wonder; "can the interior of Bloomsbury possibly compare to this welcoming first impression". Within minutes of stepping inside the grand foryer you know the answer is a resounding "yes". Within an hour you can feel the welcoming arms of Bloomsbury embrace you! Katherine & Bruce Brown make you feel right at home offering exceptional service, lovely clean, comfortable, accomodations and genuine frinedship. The Bloomsbury Inn is a special place offering mouth watering breakfast in a perfectly prepared dining room. Take the opportunity to enjoy 3 breakfast and each menu that is a delightful mix of unique morning dishes. Katherine is happy to share her recipes with you. In the evening you are offered drinks and a wonderful hot dip served with aged 6 year cheddar cheese!